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Re: Debian-Projekt auf der Systems

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Martin Schulze wrote:
> >...
> > 
> > Debian Staff ....: Henning 'Woglinde' Heinold [???]
> >                    Martin 'Joey' Schulze      [Su-Sa, won't staff the
> >                                                booth the whole time]
> >                    Oliver 'OliB' Bolzer       [Su-Sa, won't staff the
> >                                                booth the whole time]
> >                    Peter 'weasel' Palfrader   [Mo-We]
>                      Adrian Bunk                [Su-Sa, won't staff the
>                                                  booth the whole time] 

Maybe I should make it clear that it would be *very* helpful
to know when these people will staff the booth.

> >                    From the map it looks like there is room for two machines.
> If it is needed I can bring a DECstation 5000/240...

Does it run Linux already and does it have a monitor?

If no Monitor, we can still put it beneath the monitor to demonstrate
that Linux/Debian also runs on DEC-station.

Adrian, you're from MUC iirc, can you provide a pc for the entire
time?  I for myself can't carry lots of stuff since I have to pass
some 800-1000km and won't use a car.



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