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Debian-Projekt auf der Systems

Debian on Systems

I'm trying to summarize my knowledge about our Systems booth

Date ............: November 6th - November 11th

Location ........: LinuxPark

Address .........: Halle A3, Stand 103-D4

Boothsize .......: ca. 8qm

URL .............: http://www.linux-events.de/Specials/OpenSource/index_html

Ausstellerkatalog: Wir sollten im Ausstellerkatalog vertreten sein:

                   Debian GNU/Linux ist die Freie Linux-Distribution.
                   Es ist die umfangreichste zusammenhängende Sammlung
                   Freier Software, dessen Komponenten gut integriert

Map .............: http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/Debian/Systems2000/Linux-OpenSource1.pdf
                   (Stand: 1.9.2000)

Debian Staff ....: Henning 'Woglinde' Heinold [???]
                   Martin 'Joey' Schulze      [Su-Sa, won't staff the
                                               booth the whole time]
                   Oliver 'OliB' Bolzer       [Su-Sa, won't staff the
                                               booth the whole time]
                   Peter 'weasel' Palfrader   [Mo-We]

Machines ........: p90, 13", 100MBps-Hub [Mo-We]

                   From the map it looks like there is room for two machines.

Description .....: Sarah Bröker wrote to me:

                   Es wird Demopoints geben, aber das Konzept ist
                   dieses Jahr etwas anders - d.h. die Projekte werden
                   alle auf einer Fläche vertreten sein und das ganze
                   hat mehr einen Workshopcharakter.  Pro Demopoint
                   (sieht auch völlig anders aus wie letztes mal)
                   haben ca.  zwei Personen platz.

Talks ...........: http://www.linux-events.de/Specials/Vortraege/index_html

This year it was planned to help each project with two beds in a hotel
and 300,-- aid for travelling.  I've told Sarah that we won't need the
hotel but more support for travelling expenses would be great help.
she acknowledged.  Unfortunately I lost trace of that agreement so I'm
renegotiating with her.


 1. We need at least one computer that will be at the exhibition from
    Sunday to Friday that will be used as our main presentation box.
    It neeeds to run X11 and should come with a pair of speakers.

 2. We need to fix times when people will be around at the booth.  I
    plan to be there on Monday to help the first day, but plan to not
    be around for the entire other days, only partially.



Computers are not intelligent.  They only think they are.

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