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esperanto locale kaj glibc

Hi all,

Sorry for not writing in esperanto, although I still can read it, I forgot a lot about speaking or writing.

I have been taking a look at glibc to see why locales configuration did not display esperanto, and saw that there is a patch for esperanto. However, unless I am mising something, the esperanto locale is not included in the list of supported locales at localedata/SUPPORTED and I guess that is the reason why is not displayed at package configuration or dpkg-reconfigure use. (It looks for __SUPPORTED_LOCALES__)

Just to let you know about this, I do not know if the best is to modify the glibc22-eo_EO.dpatch or is better to suggest glibc maintainers to modify locales-supported.dpatch to avoid modifying the SUPPORTED file from different patches with possible incompatibilities.

Please, cc me on replies, I am not suscribed to the list (and by the way you can use esperanto for the reply)


Agustin Martin Domingo, Dpto. de Fisica, ETS Arquitectura Madrid,
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