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Re: esperanto locale kaj glibc

Agustin Martin Domingo <agmartin@aq.upm.es>:

> I have been taking a look at glibc to see why locales configuration did 
> not display esperanto, and saw that there is a patch for esperanto. 
> However, unless I am mising something, the esperanto locale is not 
> included in the list of supported locales at localedata/SUPPORTED and I 
> guess that is the reason why is not displayed at package configuration 
> or dpkg-reconfigure use.  (It looks for __SUPPORTED_LOCALES__)
> Just to let you know about this, I do not know if the best is to modify 
> the glibc22-eo_EO.dpatch or is better to suggest glibc maintainers to 
> modify locales-supported.dpatch to avoid modifying the SUPPORTED file 
> from different patches with possible incompatibilities.
> Please, cc me on replies, I am not suscribed to the list (and by the way 
> you can use esperanto for the reply)

Bone, mi respondos en Esperanto.

Mi ne sufiĉe komprenas la problemon por sugesti solvon, sed mi pensas,
ke la lokalaĵo por Esperanto devus esti "eo_XX" anstataŭ "eo_EO". Tion
mi jam proponis al la glibc-uloj:

Ĉu eblas akcepti ambaŭ en Debian kiel ekvivalentojn?


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