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Re: Preparation of Blends tasks

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:47:53AM +0200, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:
> It seems to me that most of the effort is pointed towards package selection 
> and preconfiguration.

For the moment, yes.  There is no reason to move the idea further for
sure.  Blends should provide a new abstraction layer over maintaining
single packages in a flat pool.  I personally expect some good
inspirations from Debian Enterprise who this can be drawn further than
just pure package selection.
> While this is, of course, needed I feel that "enterprise" it's more about 
> policies, governance and orchestration among nodes than "local to the 
> machine" issues.  I think that the Debian Edu team is making very interesting 
> things in this regard (see its "architecture" page*1).

Yes.  The idea is to find those parts inside the Debian Edu project and
try to generalise them for other Blends.  I did so for the package
selection part - but that's no restriction but it is what was useful
for all Blends and technically easy to do.
> Other structural issues and services currently not declared on your wiki pages 
> may be (with some examples):
>  * Identity management and directory services (LDAP)
>  * Auth management (Kerberos)
>  * File services (NFSv4, CIFS)
>  * Print services (CUPS)
>  * Network (DNS, DHCP, routing/firewalling)
>  * Corporate messaging (e-mail, IM, VoIP integration...)
>  * Config management (Puppet?)
>  * Automatic deployment (PXE, d-i, FAI...)
>  * Global control pannel
>  * ...

Would you mind adding this to the Wiki yourself?
> I think it could be interesting producing documentation in the form of howtos 
> and best current practices so even if by hand there is some kind 
> of "functional agreement" that can be achieved, basing helping tools and 
> configuration decisions upon them.
> Is there any effort planned about this?

It is as always in a Do-O-cracy:  Who is doing the work decides what
gets done.  I'm currently doing for Debian Med stuff which I consider it
as most useful in this (=my pet) project.  I have ideas and plans which
would easily fill up my spare time (and this is the only time I can work
for this) twice.  If you lay out your plans on debian-blends@l.d.o you
might be able to convince people to work on this but the best idea is as
in most cases start with doing something and present what you have done
to convince people that it is good and join your effort.

Kind regards



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