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Re: Enterprise VPN

So it is a requirement that it also work on some sort of smart phone. While not stating any requirements I will make them up as I go. Now we are lucky to have several types of smart phones, and OpenVPN as a viable solution is getting very close with the development of such application as tunneldroid.

On 8/16/2010 2:51 PM, Ross Halliday wrote:

Not trying to assert that OpenVPN solves all enterprise needs but I have found it to be quite excellent in our corporate environment in combination with the WiKID two-factor auth. We have a handful of clients running it on a variety of platforms including Windows 7 with multiple configurations depending on access levels.

I tried some experimenting with L2TP/IPsec first but got fed up with all the issues surrounding it. (The impression I got was "buy Cisco"... no thanks). The only downside I've found with OpenVPN in my travels is that it's not exactly supported on smartphones :(

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Not all...

Windows 7, and OpenVPN Windows Clients, create a headatch on multiples configurations.


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