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Re: Non-HF binaries in some Grip ARMHF debs

On 14/06/2013 5:52 PM, Neil Williams wrote:
There is a wheezy point release this weekend, as it happens, so there
is a window to fix these, however, my initial tests do not support your

The 'file' utility does not discriminate between armel and armhf
binaries (and therefore neither does lintian, yet). readelf does but
readelf does not agree with your analysis:

It is possible that individual packages have been retained from the
time when armhf was only available via ports - that should have been
fixed when the packages became available from official mirrors but I
might have missed some.

However, I *must* have 100% reliable data before I can go hacking stuff
into the stable release.

It's not sufficient just to say "it didn't work on this box", I need to
have a programmatic method of checking individual packages in the
archive and if the output of readelf does not support detecting your
problem without false positives and without false negatives, then more
work needs to be done to isolate the precise issue.

You are correct Neil, they are ARMHF binaries. My apologies for jumping to conclusions.

However, there is something different about them that is preventing them from running on both wheezy-grip ARMHF and standard Wheezy ARMHF (both platforms that I tried).

It's the runtime linker name. They're expecting /lib/ld-linux.so.3 instead of /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3, and the wheezy / wheezy-grip libc6 doesn't provide this as a backward compatibility symlink (understandably, as that would present a multi-arch problem). I manually added one, and the binaries now run just fine.

So it looks like there is still an issue to resolve here - perhaps you can make use of your upcoming window.

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