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Re: Yes, embedded systems do need multi-arch!

On Fri, 14 Jun 2013 17:11:06 +1000
Paul Whittaker <whitpa@velocitynet.com.au> wrote:

> But please, next time you make a decision like this, consult the broader 
> community first, at least if you entertain hope of attracting serious 
> interest from industry!

It was not a decision which could have been consulted upon - it was an
unfortunate side-effect of necessary Emdebian Grip processing which
nobody (in the community or within the development team) actually
noticed until many, many thousands of packages had already been
processed. The problem was only discovered, sadly, long after the
problem could have been fixed.

It is too late to change this for Wheezy. However, the plan remains
that when Emdebian Grip is integrated fully into the Debian archive,
*all* packages in sid-grip will be reprocessed from scratch and these
packages will then migrate into jessie-grip. Nothing currently in
sid-grip or jessie-grip on www.emdebian.org will be uploaded directly
to Debian, there is already an init process on a separate box which
will start the work once ftpmaster are happy for this amount of
workload to land on their machines.

At the time that Emdebian Grip was initially developed, it was at the
express request of industry, to provide an alternative to
cross-compiled binaries (the distro which later became Crush). That
request led to companies basing their products on Emdebian Grip, so we
are well aware of industry / commercial usage of Emdebian Grip and have
been since before Emdebian Grip 1.0 was released. That industry
involvement also failed to spot that Multi-Arch fields were not being

That is exactly why I'm not going to hack around the wheezy-grip
packages until I have a 100% reliable method of detection.


Neil Williams

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