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Non-HF binaries in some Grip ARMHF debs

FYI, I have encountered a few ARM EABI (i.e. ARMEL) binaries in packages supposedly with architecture "armhf" in the http://www.emdebian.org/grip/ repo. For example:

   (but not the later fbset_2.1-27em1_armhf.deb build, which is OK)

I encountered several of these in a row when installing extra stuff on a wheezy-grip ARMHF box, and thought at first that I must be doing something wrong. However, I was able to extract the debs on an ARMEL platform and run select binaries from their contents, and they will definitely not run under ARMHF, which is pretty conclusive. I've had to install non-gripped versions from standard ARMHF Wheezy as a workaround.

Looks like someone used the wrong cross-compiler prefix when building these, or something. Can we get them fixed please?


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