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Re: [NEW USER] Installeing cross compiler [HOST: x86_64, TARGET: ia64]

On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 16:57:59 +0200
Vincent Besse <vincent@ouhena.org> wrote:

> > Depends on gcc-4.4-ia64-linux-gnu but it will not be installed
> > Depends on libstdc++6-4.4-dev-ia64-cross but it will not be installed
> > Depends on: libgmp3c2 but it is not installable
> I've had the same problem for armel. My solution have been to
> debootstrap a regular squeeze and then install the emdebian packages
> inside it.

You mean to install a cross-compiler for armel? What made you think you
needed debootstrap???

Advising a chroot here is completely unhelpful, it is not going to make
the cross-compiler any easier to install and there is absolutely no
need to force people to use the cross-compiler inside the chroot.

Adding a standard Squeeze apt source to any Debian machine newer than
Squeeze has no effect whatsoever. It is not going to magically
downgrade the system to Squeeze or have any effect other than the
desired one of making old packages available for dependencies of old
packages, like the old toolchain packages from Squeeze.

No need for a debootstrap chroot, no need for backports. Just add a
standard Debian mirror source pointing at squeeze main. Whatever mirror
you currently use, just copy the deb line and change unstable, sid,
testing, wheezy to squeeze. (Don't use stable as wheezy is about to
become stable and doesn't have these packages - that's why the wiki
says to use squeeze.)

Also, please consider using one of the Emdebian mirrors instead of
blindly following the Wiki to put all the strain on www.emdebian.org - 



I'll add those links to the toolchains pages on the website at some
point - feel free to add those to the Wiki page yourselves.


Neil Williams

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