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Re: Question about recent 2.0.4 update

On Sun, 5 Feb 2012 10:56:49 -0500
Paul Rensing <prensing@cimetrics.com> wrote:

> Today, I went to update my local copy of Grip/Squeeze and discovered 
> that there are changes in Debian Squeeze which are not in Grip. I poked 
> around on the Web site and logs, but could not find an explanation. The 
> announcement of the recent update of Grip to 6.0.4 made me even more 
> confused.

There were some packages, especially -dev packages, which didn't
upgrade cleanly for the latest point release. Those packages have now
been updated in squeeze-proposed-updates and I'm now able to install
GPE, XFCE4 & a full build environment to build libgpewidget all from
Emdebian Grip Squeeze (with squeeze-proposed-updates) and adding a
Debian squeeze source does not indicate any packages which would have
newer versions in Debian.

(With regard to the other thread about libpq-dev, that has been fixed
by the same changes.)

Now that involves 650 of the 3,000 packages in Emdebian, so there might
be a few others around, particularly -dev packages.

I'll leave the updates in squeeze-proposed-updates for a couple of
days. If anyone notices other packages which are out of step, please
let me know and then I can do one pull to make squeeze

To use the updates, add squeeze-proposed-updates to your apt sources:

deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip squeeze-proposed-updates main dev debug doc java

and/or to your multistrap config:

debootstrap=Emdebian Updates

components=main dev debug doc java

components=main dev debug doc java


Neil Williams

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