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MultiArch version of tslib heading for experimental

I'm working through my packages, making MultiArch changes. QOF has
already been uploaded to unstable and uses a similar plugin mechanism
to tslib but I don't have an easy way of testing tslib currently, so
whereas I know that QOF plugins work fine, I've uploaded the new
tslib to experimental for more testing.

Just as with QOF, the plugin path is not exported as part of the tslib
binary API - the difference is that there is an environment variable
which the executables can use to find their plugins. The default value
of that variable is updated via the MultiArch changes in the package
build and I've altered the ts.conf (5) manpage to clarify this.

There should be no need for a transition on this change - just as there
is no need for a transition with QOF - as no other packages (that I
know of) deign to dump their own plugins in the tslib plugin directory
(which, IMHO, is as it should be).

SVN debian changes:

It's also worth testing that packages build against the new tslib but,
again, pkg-config and the toolchain deal with this transparently and
I'm not expecting problems.

In line with other MultiArch changes, it is also time to be rid of the
debian/xcontrol file.


Neil Williams

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