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Question about recent 2.0.4 update

Hello. I am new to the list, but have been using Emdebian Grip for a while.

Today, I went to update my local copy of Grip/Squeeze and discovered that there are changes in Debian Squeeze which are not in Grip. I poked around on the Web site and logs, but could not find an explanation. The announcement of the recent update of Grip to 6.0.4 made me even more confused.

As a couple of examples, main Squeeze "base-files" is at 6.0squeeze4, but Grip is at 6.0squeeze3em1.

Similarly, main Squeeze "libssl0.9.8" is at version 0.9.8o-4squeeze7, and in fact includes a "high" priority security fix. However, as far as I can tell Grip is at 0.9.8o-4squeeze3em1.

I looked in the Grip update log for Jan 29, and it appears that base-files was only updated in source. libssl is not listed at all.

Am I missing something? Was there a problem with the update?

Thanks for all the help,

        Paul Rensing

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