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Re: libpq-dev

W dniu 03.02.2012 13:44, Neil Williams pisze:
> So you're creating a pbuilder cross chroot with multiple build
> dependencies already installed? The usual intent is to get as clean a
> build environment as possible. The intent of pdebuild-cross is to get
> you a clean cross environment where the only real additions are those
> necessary for a working cross environment. The only -dev package which
> comes into that category is dpkg-dev because otherwise you don't have a
> dpkg-buildpackage to use inside the chroot. The rest need to come in
> via Build-Depends / embuilddeps / xapt etc.

Right now I'm using this for a slight different purpose.
I'm developing my own applications and I want to link against the same
libraries that would be on the target device (I had some issues with
ld-linux.so before when I was using the CodeSourcery compiler - it was
too recent).
I would like to debianize them in the future - currently I don't fully
understand the process of making Debian packages from scratch.
Those many extra libs like kerberos were added in order to debug the
issue with libpq-dev, which depends on it.
> Don't forget that although you can (usually) build against Emdebian Grip
> sources / -dev files, there is no difference in what you get as a
> result from building against Debian sources and -dev files. Grip is
> fully binary-compatible and therefore cross-building can just as easily
> use Debian packages for the dependencies as Emdebian packages.
> This is why the default multistrap files for use with pdebuild-cross
> reference the Debian mirrors, not the Emdebian Grip ones. Emdebian is
> only listed at all to get the cross toolchain packages.
> Please, before we both forget about this, file a wishlist bug against
> pdebuild-cross, asking for the manpage to include comments based on the
> above.

Thanks, I wasn't sure about this. Versions are up to date?

> Actually, it's libkrb5-dev which appears to be the problem, it's old
> and therefore looking for the old version. It likely needs an update
> to squeeze2. The -dev packages for stable aren't as easy to check for
> dependency issues as packages in main - part of the reason why the
> components experiment failed and is being dropped as part of the Debian
> Integration for Wheezy.
> I'll try and fix krb5 for stable but not sure when, hopefully in the
> next few days. In the meantime, switch your multistrap to using Debian
> mirrors and you'll be up and running, albeit with a bit of a fatter
> chroot. You can always login to the chroot later and change the apt
> sources.

I would be very glad.

Best Regards,
Michał Cichowicz

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