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Re: Question about recent 2.0.4 update

On Sun, 5 Feb 2012 10:56:49 -0500
Paul Rensing <prensing@cimetrics.com> wrote:

> Today, I went to update my local copy of Grip/Squeeze and discovered 
> that there are changes in Debian Squeeze which are not in Grip. 

This can happen sometimes. The main problem is that updates to Emdebian
Grip have to be done manually until the Emdebian Integration is
complete. (TBH that is my main focus currently).

Part of the problem with 6.0.4 was that I didn't get time before the
point release to put packages into proposed-updates - I had to catch up
with 6.0.4 already being in stable and the scripts don't necessarily
cope with that as well as they might.

> As a couple of examples, main Squeeze "base-files" is at 6.0squeeze4, 
> but Grip is at 6.0squeeze3em1.

I'll have another run of the scripts this week and put packages into
squeeze-proposed-updates. If you have more examples, please let me know.
> I looked in the Grip update log for Jan 29, and it appears that 
> base-files was only updated in source. libssl is not listed at all.

The php log script is a little bit buggy and can miss some migrations.


That one does list only the source though, so I'll have to check.

> Am I missing something? Was there a problem with the update?

The main priority is that the update doesn't cause dependency breakage.

The scripts are in the emdebian-grip-server package - point-release.pl
and proposed-updates.pl - if you want to have a look at the perl.

The other scripts for the Emdebian Integration may also be interesting,
those are in Emdebian SVN:


I'm wondering of emdebian-sync.pl might be a better starting point for
stable updates after a point release has happened, although it will
need some tweaks.


Neil Williams

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