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Re: multistrap does not find squeeze/stable packages anymore

On Mon, 21 Feb 2011 22:23:39 +0100
Marcus Osdoba <marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com> wrote:

> >> So the only solution (besides a private reprepo) would be to download
> >> them manually and install them with dpkg via chroot?
> >
> > No, the solution is a private reprepro. Why are you so opposed to that?
> >
> There are two main resons why I don't want to do that.
> - everyone else who want's to try out the script set needs to setup a 
> reprepo (that's the minor one)

Only when mixing with unstable and wanting the majority to come from
stable. This is *not* the common usage model.

apt will always prefer the newest.

> - as mentioned earlier, multistrap uses multiple repositories - why not 
> use it for mix up pacakges from different sources?

It can and it does but the documentation already covers that the
final behaviour is down to apt. apt tried to resolve the dependencies
by choosing most packages from unstable - when you tried to force
explicit suites, apt was no longer able to resolve that chain.
Multistrap can do no more - when you mix unstable and stable, all the
fall out is your own responsibility. apt and multistrap will do what
would appear to be the correct thing for most situations - which is to
take the newest set of packages which can be installed, or fail the
entire chain.

> ; one of the 
> advantages will go away if I have to setup a whole reprepo - using a 
> reprepo on my own would lead multiple sources ad absurdum.

You've completely missed the point. You create a small repo which only
has the few individual packages you want from unstable and nothing
more. Then you specify that repository instead of Debian unstable. You
may need to add a few selected dependencies but edos-debcheck will show
you what is missing. The packages in that repository don't need to
change but you prevent changes in the rest of unstable from affecting
the calculation by apt.

> It's now me 
> you merges the sources manually - not the tool who is able to do that. 
> (that's the major one)

Only for your specific situation, only for a handful of carefully
selected packages from unstable.

Multistrap will mix repositories - but the underlying preference is
always to get the newest set, that is what apt does. If you mix a full
unstable mirror with stable, the newest set will mostly be from
unstable. So create a tiny copy of a bit of unstable.
> So multistrap is as good as apt is. Since apt is not able to resolve the 
> complex dependencies, multistrap won't either - that's ok, but I wasn't 
> aware of that.

The documentation does cover this point.

> Temporarily I will implement a method which installs a package manually 
> before moving to the next step and setting up a "mirror".



Neil Williams

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