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Re: multistrap does not find squeeze/stable packages anymore

Am 20.02.2011 15:41, schrieb Neil Williams:
You are explicitly allowing Sid to be referenced, and in the bootstrap
line too, so this will change your package selection every time you
run the script.
True. But I also declared only two packages (whose versions didn't change).

# include experimental packages
packages=aufs-tools squashfs-tools

The main part of the packages are taken from Emdebian/Squeeze, some
from Debian/Squeeze and at least one with known bugs in Squeeze is
taken from Sid.

apt is just trying to resolve dependencies. As soon as you mix an
unstable suite with a stable suite, you can no longer expect repeated
builds to give you the same results each time. Unstable changes all the
time, that's why it's unstable.
I know, that's why I declared only two packages to be taken from Sid.

If you want reproducible results, create your own repository which
contains exactly the versions you want to add to the stable base.

You should probably also convert the packages you want from Debian to
work as Emdebian Grip (using apt-grip) and put those into the
I considered that, but I need to setup a whole reprepo to achive this. Debpartialmirror didn't work (http://lists.debian.org/debian-embedded/2011/02/msg00029.html).

Mixing Debian unstable with Emdebian stable is a particularly bad idea
because all the strict dependencies will change - twice a day.
I know. But I also know, that the mentioned package is buggy and I really want to take it from Sid. Multistrap is known to use different apt-sources for building the rootfs.
Some other "users" might also expect that a setup like this should function:
- take all from stable
- take a small number from unstable if the package from stable is buggy (if these are not dependant from "too" many others in Sid) Maybe this leads to philosophic discussions since you are absolutely right in NOT mixing up stable and unstable. But I hope you understand my requirement.

You were lucky for a while - that kind of luck doesn't last. multistrap
cannot solve problems like this. Create a stable repository
containing the mix of packages which you need and you'll get stable

Maybe some linkage error after the Squeeze release

No, probably a change in the versions available in unstable.
Well, no. The two packages I include from unstable didn't change!
Of course, I checked that before writing to the list.

So this means, if other packages in Sid change, this has an impact (at least in my multistrap setup) on those, which didn't change.
One need to know that...

So the only solution (besides a private reprepo) would be to download them manually and install them with dpkg via chroot?

That wouldn't have helped, squeeze is stable now.
I know...

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