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multistrap does not find squeeze/stable packages anymore


I'm using multistrap from Squeeze (2.1.7) an put some scripts around it:

The main part of the packages are taken from Emdebian/Squeeze, some from Debian/Squeeze and at least one with known bugs in Squeeze is taken from Sid.

Everything ran fine. The last time on February 9th. Today, I launched a new run and got a bunch of unwanted Sid packages in my generated rootfs. I switched the option explicitsuite from false to true and finally got some errors, that these packages were not found in "squeeze". Maybe some linkage error after the Squeeze release, so I switched from suite=squeeze to suite=stable. Unfortunatly the same problem. The packages were not found in "stable". I look into the Grip pool and it says something different:
All packages are well present in squeez/stable (busybox,initramfs-tools,lsof,...).

I did not change the multistrap configuration, but now the pacakges are not found by multistrap.

Was there a change on the server?
Is some multistrap option important now, which i didn't set before?


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