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Re: Baked repository

On Sun, 09 May 2010 22:02:36 +1000
"Brendan Simon (eTRIX)" <brendan.simon@etrix.com.au> wrote:

> On 9/05/10 8:50 PM, Neil Williams wrote:
> > OK. I'm extending apt-grip to have architecture-selection support.
> > It'll be useful in other areas too.
> > I'll email the list when a Lenny Baked Grip is available.
> I'm happy enough to use Lenny for Baked packages.  I was using Lenny
> for a development host but I upgraded to Squeeze/Unstable as I emgrip
> isn't in Lenny, and bringing it in would install a lot of libraries
> from unstable which I tend to avoid when running Stable.
> Will I need emgrip to create Baked rootfs ??  I assume not if
> multistrap can just access the emdebian Baked distro.  But for
> anything not in emdebian Baked that I want to modify, I will need to
> use emgrip and thus need to use a testing/unstable development host.
> Yes ??

Yes. One candidate for that is busybox (cross-built possibly along the
lines of the busybox-crush package) and the kernel.
> I guess my question is: is Baked intended to be usable on a Lenny
> development host or is it designed for a Squeeze development host ??

I don't think I'll get time to backport emgrip to Lenny, so Baked is
designed for a Squeeze development environment, preparing a rootfs
based on Lenny, then migrating to Squeeze once Squeeze is stable.


Neil Williams

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