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Source packages

Things need to be redressed with the source packages.

The binary packages we'll need are:

multistrap - easiest to keep that as a distinct source package, that
way it can quietly include the -cross chroot stuff but still be seen as
a suitable replacement for debootstrap in things like pbuilder.

pdebuild-cross - actually a very small package which could be subsumed
into pbuilder once we stop relying on apt-cross. Currently, that's in
the emdebian-tools source package as a separate binary package.

emdebian-buildsupport - lintian support for Crush (the only remaining
part of emdebian-qa), dpkg-vendor support for Crush, embuilddeps (to
replace emdebuild --build-deps) and scripts to use with the Crush
experiments. No longer needs libemdebian-tools-perl. Depends on
pdebuild-cross which depends on multistrap.

emdebian-crush - emchain (could be replaced with Hector's buildcross),
emsetup (probably not useful any more), emprunecross (somewhat useful,
sometimes) and emdebuild (superceded by dpkg-buildpackage support). So
this package might not actually be worth keeping. (It was to be the new
name for the old emdebian-tools package and is in experimental.)

emdebian-qa - dropped.

emdebian-rootfs - superceded by multistrap.

emdebian-grip - no problems with this one.

So, the questions:

1. What to do with the emdebian-tools source package. What should it
contain? What do we still need?

2. Where should pdebuild-cross live (until it is good enough to be
considered for pbuilder)?

What about this setup:

multistrap source => multistrap binary

emdebian-tools source => emdebian-buildsupport pdebuild-cross

emdebian-crush would include a reduced libemdebian-tools-perl but we
can do without it entirely, if we want.

My only issue with that is that I wanted pdebuild-cross to get into
unstable sooner than emdebian-crush will be ready.


Neil Williams

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