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Re: Baked repository

On 8/05/10 8:22 AM, Neil Williams wrote:
Are there any Baked repositories ?? Baked-Grip or Grip-Baked ??
It depends how many packages you want to have and how often you want to
update packages in your repository against those in Grip.
If you can let me know which packages you need ...

... and you don't need them to be updated

Things for network devices (e.g. a router, firewall, ntu, etc).
  • glibc, eglibc.
  • dash and probably bash.
  • snmpd
  • an ssh server (openssh-server, or possibly dropbear).
  • openssl
  • a web server (apache, etc).
  • The possibility for some other scripting languages (perl, python, php) -- a low priority at this stage.

Thing is, I'm not sure how much Emdebian can assume as defaults for
Baked. Neither is there any real way of adding the Baked processing to
the Grip processing on the current server until the Grip code can
improve the processing speed by some 500%.
I have local computing power and local storage which can be brought to
bear and then rsync'd to the Emdebian server or, more likely, space on
another server to which I have access. (The data-freedom.org site in my
sig used to host a repository, it can be rejigged.)

It won't be "official" but it should provide the packages you need and
the wherewithall to create the documentation too.
I think we could have a single baked repo that has everything included -- all packages configured the same as grip.
That would be the base repo for developers to get started with the development process, etc.
Any other customised configurations would require a separate/local repository.

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