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Re: Basic Step using Emdebian in ARM TS-7800

On 03/26/2010 06:50 AM, Abdul Rahman Riza wrote:
Hi Aleksandr,

You are correct, i built opencv in my desktop using debian repos by
invoking # apt-get source opencv
Before build opencv by invoking # dpkg-buidpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot, I
must install all dependency package.
I think this will work on both systems (debian and emdebian)
But i mean that opencv is already available as binary package for armel in debian, so you dont need build it by yourself if you have not any special requirements.

Since this is my very first time working with SBC board I would like to
know if embedian has the same repos as debian? I meant are all
dependency package to build opencv also avaliable in emdebian?

Emdebian(Grip) repos as far as i know are compatible with Debian(lenny) repos. Except if you install some package that not available in emdebian, then by dependencies some|many emdebian packages will be replaced with debian ones.


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