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Re: Impossible to install emdebian's toolchain on Lenny

+++ Pierre Pronchery [2009-08-28 15:20 +0200]:
> 			Dear developers,
> I can't install emdebian's stable toolchain anymore:

Sorry. Yes, this happens from time to time (far too often in fact).

We need to know which emdebian repositories you are pointing at (check
/etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*

> Is this a known issue, can I do anything to help fixing this? (better  
> place for bug reports...)

Following through the dependencies to work out exactly what the
problem is would be useful.

The usual problem is that gcc builds, even of old toolchains, always
end up depending on the latest version of libgcc1 available. 

This is the right place for bug reports of this nature, although
putting them in debian's bug system against the package
buildd.emdebian.org is also useful. 

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