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Re: Fwd: Crush 2.0 abandoned -- Review and Feedback from Neil's Post of August 7th

I'd say identify (possibly "elect" at some stage) the leadership "team"
that is given responsibility/authority to make executive decisions
regarding emdebian Crush (and possibly all of emdebian).  This is likely
to be a self selecting group.

Then present or discuss issues and changes etc on the mailing list. 
Possibly a -dev mailing list ??

Announce summary of proposed changes, etc, on user mailing list, so that
others can offer their thoughts.

Leadership team to decide and announce/document new changes, tasks,
priorities, etc, based on any feedback.  In general this is likely to be
a reconfirmation of original proposals, possibly with some tweaks.

Delegate, develop, etc.


Prince Riley wrote:
> So far, two major themes continue to echo in the feedback on this issue:
>    1. Level of expertise needed to address the Crush 2.0 project as a
>       whole
>    2. Dependencies elements have on other issues either within main
>       Debian or related projects.
>    3. Organization of sufficient collective effort/resources to gain
>       traction and momentum to solve the Crush 2.0 challenges both now
>       and in the future as the project moves ahead.
> This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road: its sound off and
> sign up time. It's obvious to us all the organization of this project
> has to change in several ways. All of us have a stake in making those
> changes. So anyone who can probably should offer their advice on how
> to bring this change forward. Recommendations are welcome; commitments
> are encouraged.

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