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Re: Crush 2.0 abandoned -- Review and Feedback from Neil's Post of August 7th

There seems to be a lot of work, and it's a very steep learning curve. 
One has to be very Debian savvy before the extra knowledge and time
required to be an emDebian developer/maintainer.

I there anyway to partition this so that a smaller knowledge/experience
base is required to contribute ??

I notice uClibc is a candidate, but I remember a post about embedded
glibc which was/is a smaller lighter libc based on glibc sources.  Would
this be a better candidate than uClibc ??  Should glibc, embedded-glibc
and uclibc all be "supported" ??

Cheers, Brendan.

Prince Riley wrote:
> I'm going to ask the members of this list who haven't as yet spoken up
> about the items on Neil's post to please do so by Friday.  Once we
> have those idea, suggestions, and recommendations we can put those
> ideas into a draft summary.
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org
> <mailto:codehelp@debian.org>> wrote:
>     On Wed, 5 Aug 2009 14:52:22 +0000
>     Prince Riley <wmarketing3@gmail.com
>     <mailto:wmarketing3@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     > Neil,
>     >
>     > We are all very glad and appreciative of the great work you've done
>     > so far. We all understand and respect your decision and wish you the
>     > best as you try to recover your health.
>     >
>     > My question, and one I'm sure has also occurred to others interested
>     > in this project, is how do we move ahead during your absence.
>     Perhaps
>     > you can offer some advice or recommendations on how members of this
>     > list can help you transition your efforts so we can maintain the
>     > project's momentum and achieve its goals.
>     It isn't about helping me transition anything, someone else needs to
>     take over maintenance and development. This is the "bus" scenario -
>     whereby a project has had only a single active developer and once that
>     developer is lost, it's about going back to first principles and
>     picking up the threads. I can help in small areas but my time is too
>     limited to go through the details, just the overview.
>     Seeing as you asked, maybe this little list will give you some idea of
>     why I had to abandon this particular task - I'm not convinced that the
>     problems can be fixed before Squeeze, even if someone else takes
>     on the
>     role. Several stages rely on other tasks within Debian that may or may
>     not make it into Squeeze. The list is by no means complete either!
>     Even
>     before my illness, I had *serious* doubts about whether Crush 2.0 was
>     possible.
>     0. You'll find plenty of hacks, errors and mistakes that have remained
>     in the current scritps from the earlier development phases. It is
>     worth
>     revisiting things like that and seeing what breaks without them.
>     Ensure
>     you test with more than a few packages - there are various gotchas
>     that
>     only apply to a handful of packages and some of those packages have
>     since had new upstream releases that may well have fixed the issues
>     that led to the hacks in the emdebian-tools scripts. Other
>     improvements
>     elsewhere could also lead to some procedures within the current
>     scripts
>     becoming redundant or new ones needing to be devised.
>     1. Read the EmdebianCodeAudit wiki page and supporting pages, go
>     through and cross-build each package to work out what each audit point
>     means. Results are for armel, using emsource and emdebuild. Replicate
>     results using chroots builds (with empdebuild) wherever possible.
>     Various other parts of the wiki also need to be cleaned up, as
>     does the
>     website itself which still has a fair bit of outdated information.
>     2. Continue discussion on how xcontrol support can actually be
>     implemented. Check how it is used in the CodeAudit and tie that into
>     the developments at DebConf9.
>     3. Learn the emdebian-tools scripts and manpages, read the source code
>     and get a handle on how things currently work - taking over
>     maintenance of a native package means taking over the source code too,
>     in effect the "upstream".
>     4. Struggle with the inherent weaknesses in apt-cross which lie in the
>     horrible apt perl bindings - the most recent version of apt has (once
>     again) broken these bindings and apt-cross needs a patch to continue
>     operating. (Something to do with /etc/apt/preferences.d/). Hope that
>     someone gets apt to understand multiarch so that this whole issue can
>     be removed - you need a C++ expert for that role.
>     5. Get the toolchains back into installable state - I can't upgrade my
>     own armel boxes today but I don't have time to investigate why. Build
>     scripts that ensure that this persistent problem is fixed for the long
>     term and across all supported architectures.
>     6. Create a local mirror and use the scripts in emdebian-qa and
>     emdebian-tools to upload cross-built packages into the repo and start
>     building a small set of packages for armel. Don't proceed to other
>     architectures or make the mirror publicly accessible until the rest of
>     the issues in the Code Audit have been fixed.
>     7. Pick up development of emdebian-tools from existing SVN - there are
>     some changes in SVN that still need testing.
>     8. Start developing ways to test and fix an existing problem in that
>     the ./configure scripts in some packages insist on looking for stuff
>     in /usr/lib/ and then linking against the shared libraries
>     in /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/ etc. This is a disaster waiting to
>     happen and must be fixed before Crush can progress to more than one
>     architecture. In the same manner, check builds for /usr/include/
>     pollution and drop the apt-get build-deps stage in a clean chroot. If
>     no xcontrol file, allow (nay require) native deps.
>     9. Make notes in CodeAudit of packages that fail to rebuild twice in a
>     row and detail why.
>     10. test and document the proper support for CC_BUILD in autotools.
>     11. Get Build-Depends split into debian/control and normal Debian?
>     Possibly as well as Depends-Install (installed on build) and
>     Depends-Runtime ? Building a *static* chroot for another machine, only
>     needs runtime stuff. Allows native cross-versions of packages, smaller
>     installed images. No way to put a prefix in front of maintainer
>     scripts
>     for config files. Need a mangling frontend in dpkg before calling the
>     script. Install time scripts vs runtime scripts. (A topic briefly
>     discussed with Wookey, hopefully my notes aren't too brief for the
>     idea
>     to be reconstructed. I knew what I meant at the time.)
>     12. Create a new wiki page to detail things like this and whatever
>     else
>     comes up as you go. Link it from the EmdebianTracker page?
>     13. Please don't come to me continually for input, if Crush is to
>     continue, someone needs to take over maintenance and that means filing
>     and fixing the bug reports without looking at me to do it. (You'd
>     alter
>     the Maintainer: field in debian/control to remove my name and enter
>     your own so that the bug messages for the emdebian-tools source
>     package go to you or to this list.)
>     14. Work out how to fix "X-Build-Cross-Libtool: yes" which is probably
>     tied into other libtool issues identified in the CodeAudit to do with
>     refreshing the autoconf and libtool metadata prior to attempting the
>     cross-build.
>     15. Get CMake build systems cross-building properly.
>     16. Get a mini-perl and some kind of python support.
>     17. Solve what ever other issues turn up during these processes.
>     18. Fix all the packages that used to cross-build for Crush 1.0
>     but not
>     longer cross-build in unstable. (The CodeAudit identifies these
>     packages, one is gcc-4.4). Work out and gain consensus on whether such
>     packages should *not* be cross-built from source and just "borrowed"
>     directly from Grip. This is a Policy decision about whether Crush
>     should be 100% buildable from source or whether compromises are
>     acceptable. Mixing Crush and Grip will *only* work if the xcontrol
>     support is fixed such that changed functionality is always encoded
>     within the binary package name like libgconf-noldap-2-4 etc.
>     19. Identify *new* packages that have become dependencies of necessary
>     packages in Crush since the release of 1.0 and then work out how
>     to get
>     each of these to cross-build.
>     20. Test these packages with real systems and see if the rootfs
>     scripts
>     can still operate and what new bugs arise at installation/deployment
>     time.
>     21. Manage the repository to cope with britney (the script that
>     migrates packages from unstable into testing in Debian).
>     22. Manage the repository to cope with testing-proposed-updates once
>     the Squeeze release freeze starts to happen.
>     23. Test and report bugs with the locale support via Emdebian
>     TDebs and
>     langupdate.
>     24. Fix issues like the bulky gconv files in libc6 and test with the
>     tzdata support.
>     25. uClibc support
>     26. Finalise the cache value support in dpkg-cross and add to it if
>     necessary. Consider deploying the cache values into the Debian package
>     such that the files can be created at build time on a
>     per-package-per-architecture basis.
>     27. Keep an eye on multiarch developments and feed into the process to
>     ensure Debian gets a usable cross-build environment based on
>     multiarch.
>     Get dpkg-cross merged into dpkg as soon as multiarch is supportable.
>     28. Whatever else I've forgotten.
>     Is that enough for now?
>     --
>     Neil Williams
>     =============
>     http://www.data-freedom.org/
>     http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/
>     http://e-mail.is-not-s.ms/

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