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Re: Crush 2.0 abandoned

Hi Prince,

En/na Prince Riley ha escrit:
> 1) Please list the items in  order of important and priority (using
> Neil's item numbers)

IMHO, multiarch is one of the priorities and we should think about
writing an extension to the multiarch specification, so it includes the
cross compiler case.

We also have different ways of doing things in the cross world:
1) Current cross building framework
2) Sysrooted framework
3) Multiarch framework

Fixing and getting cross toolchais into Debian proper is other important
priority (see a Cross Toolchains "Squeeze" Release Goals email).

Another important issue, it is to setup a Debian buildd, which picks a
cross compiler instead native compiler to do builds, then fix and work
all the things in Neil's list.

For Crush 2.0 (before multiarch), *it is not worth it to work on it*,
with current approach, it is too much time consuming (Neil has already
pointed out some of the drawbacks). But it is better to work for Crush 3.0.

But, Neil, what do you think on having a debian/rules which points to
debian/rules.d/$native_rules if DEB_BUILD_ARCH == DEB_HOST_ARCH and
debian/rules.d/$cross_rules if DEB_BUILD_ARCH != DEB_HOST_ARCH?
With this and xcontrol, we might be able to make it possible and easy
for crush 2.0, but as you said it might not worth the time if everything

Another good point to work on, would be to replace perl scripts from
essential packages with some shell scripts.

		-- Héctor Orón

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