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Re: Successful debootstrap of armel with emdebian!

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009 20:28:56 +0100
BOCAHU Sébastien <Sebastien.BOCAHU@supinfo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > Please note, this refers to Emdebian Grip, not the cross-built and much
> > smaller Emdebian Crush. Grip uses perl, glibc, coreutils and python.
> > Crush uses busybox and glibc but has no perl, coreutils or python
> > support. Crush is only available for ARM. Grip is available for seven
> > architectures.
> Is there anything special that prevent Emdebian from providing Crush for ARMEL ?

About 6 months work - most of which has to wait until after Lenny.

> >  Which distribution are you trying to use? Which architecture?
> I want to setup a minimal Debian distro for the armel architecture.

Grip is not minimal. It's just a bit smaller than Debian.

> I tried to run "sudo emsandbox" after having configured dpkg-cross.
> I'm running Debian SID. So emsandbox starts deboostrap to get armel unstable packages.

Those packages need to be built first.

Some people have built packages for armel but Crush needs lots of work,
most of which can't be done properly until after the release of Lenny.
To make it sane to build Crush for more architectures, lots of Debian
packages need improvements and those fixes are all waiting for the
Lenny release. Without those fixes, building Crush is awkward and
needs a wide experience of building Debian packages.


Neil Williams

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