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Re: RE : Successful debootstrap of armel with emdebian!

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:38:43 +0100
BOCAHU Sébastien <Sebastien.BOCAHU@supinfo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > Just a quick note to let you know that I've just finished setting up a
> > debootstrapped armel using almost solely the emdebian repositories. 

Please note, this refers to Emdebian Grip, not the cross-built and much
smaller Emdebian Crush. Grip uses perl, glibc, coreutils and python.
Crush uses busybox and glibc but has no perl, coreutils or python
support. Crush is only available for ARM. Grip is available for seven

> > Great work, guys!!
> Can you please tell me how did you do ?  

> I'm trying, right now, but many packages are missing, as for example, apt and dpkg !

Which distribution are you trying to use? Which architecture?

apt and dpkg exist for all supported architectures in unstable and
$ reprepro -b grip/ list unstable apt
sid|main|i386: apt 0.7.19+b1em1
sid|main|amd64: apt 0.7.19em1
sid|main|arm: apt 0.7.19em1
sid|main|armel: apt 0.7.19em1
sid|main|powerpc: apt 0.7.19em1
sid|main|mips: apt 0.7.19em1
sid|main|mipsel: apt 0.7.19em1

$ reprepro -b grip/ list testing apt
lenny|main|i386: apt 0.7.19+b1em1
lenny|main|amd64: apt 0.7.19em1
lenny|main|arm: apt 0.7.19em1
lenny|main|armel: apt 0.7.19em1
lenny|main|powerpc: apt 0.7.19em1
lenny|main|mips: apt 0.7.19em1
lenny|main|mipsel: apt 0.7.19em1

$ reprepro -b grip/ list unstable dpkg
sid|main|i386: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|amd64: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|arm: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|armel: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|powerpc: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|mips: dpkg 1.14.23em1
sid|main|mipsel: dpkg 1.14.23em1

$ reprepro -b grip/ list testing dpkg
lenny|main|i386: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|amd64: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|arm: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|armel: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|powerpc: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|mips: dpkg 1.14.23em1
lenny|main|mipsel: dpkg 1.14.23em1

Emdebian Crush does not support armel - only Grip.


Neil Williams

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