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RE : RE : Successful debootstrap of armel with emdebian!


> Please note, this refers to Emdebian Grip, not the cross-built and much
> smaller Emdebian Crush. Grip uses perl, glibc, coreutils and python.
> Crush uses busybox and glibc but has no perl, coreutils or python
> support. Crush is only available for ARM. Grip is available for seven
> architectures.

Is there anything special that prevent Emdebian from providing Crush for ARMEL ?

>> Can you please tell me how did you do ?

> http://www.emdebian.org/grip/index.html#preseeding

Thanks, I'm going to try that way

>  Which distribution are you trying to use? Which architecture?

I want to setup a minimal Debian distro for the armel architecture.
I tried to run "sudo emsandbox" after having configured dpkg-cross.

I'm running Debian SID. So emsandbox starts deboostrap to get armel unstable packages.



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