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Re: Progress with langupdate and localisation support


Neil Williams wrote:
localepurge is not suitable, it fails on 1, 2 and 3 of the criteria

Heh, I never said I knew what I was doing!  :)

unset LANG
sudo chroot ...

Aah. So it isn't that something isn't set, it's that something that *is* set shouldn't be.

locaelpurge will not be in Grip - it's cruft. Grip has a genuine
implementation of locale support that supercedes localepurge.


Except langupdate isn't at all coupled with Debian - at least not for
*two* complete release cycles in Debian. That's a long time.

Sounds like a good reason not to not make placing it in experimental the sole method for getting at it. :)

Recall that I'm not a Debian guru by any definition. So disregard everything I say that sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

...er, at least as it relates to Debian policy/strategy/etc.-type stuff. Just want to clarify that. :)

Lots more still needs to be done - there are various areas that are in
a bit of a mess.

Yea, but it's showing such AMAZING promise already. Very good sign. I can plead ignorance on the rest, and pretty convincingly at that!


Bill Gatliff

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