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Re: Progress with langupdate and localisation support

Neil Williams wrote:
To support Emdebian Grip (and Crush) with the growing list of Emdebian
TDebs, langupdate has been updated to support a few more options:

Added support for /etc/locale.gen to cover all configured locales as
well as the existing support for environment variables like LANGUAGE
and LC_ALL etc. Fixed a few issues in the apt handling and added a
dependency on locales so that things will actually work in a minimal

The whole "locale thing" is kinda opaque to me, but as I'm debootstrapping a grip/armel setup right now I'm dealing with it firsthand. So go forth and.... do whatever. :)

When I did my debootstrap, the resulting system didn't complain about locales at all. Not satisfied with that :), IIRC I installed locales, and things got interesting. I've seen these errors before, and I'm seeing them now:

perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
       LANGUAGE = (unset),
       LC_ALL = (unset),
       LANG = "en_US"
   are supported and installed on your system.

It didn't help that the machine OOM'ed when generating the locales with dpkg-reconfigure -plow. And localepurge isn't in grip yet. Point in mentioning all this is to just let you know that we're still paying attention to all the great work you are doing here! I'll sort out the above at some point, not worth wasting your time unless it's something easily-remedied.

Should langupdate be uploaded to Debian experimental?

I think so.

The alternative is cross-building langupdate for all supported Grip

I really like keeping everything coupled with Debian proper where possible. So I say don't go this route unless you identify a compelling reason.

One remaining issue is that the TDebs themselves are in a bit of a
state in the repository and so my next task is to finish porting
em_autogrip to perl from shell and getting the cron job restarted to
maintain the Grip repository automatically.

Yea, I've been hitting the repo pretty hard this week---- and generally loving what I'm finding there!


Bill Gatliff

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