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Progress with langupdate and localisation support

To support Emdebian Grip (and Crush) with the growing list of Emdebian
TDebs, langupdate has been updated to support a few more options:

Added support for /etc/locale.gen to cover all configured locales as
well as the existing support for environment variables like LANGUAGE
and LC_ALL etc. Fixed a few issues in the apt handling and added a
dependency on locales so that things will actually work in a minimal

The main changes are the addition of an autoremove command and a
mirror override option for langupdate. Autoremove allows unwanted TDebs
to be removed if a locale is de-configured after the TDebs are
installed. It needs some testing to find out if it also removes TDebs
if the relevant package is removed - it should work. The mirror option
simply replaces the default mirror (http://www.emdebian.org/locale/)
with one specified on the command line.

Also added multiple levels of verbosity output to make it easier to see
what is going on.

langupdate still depends on libglib2.0-0 and, if anything, that
dependency has become more important with the latest changes - mainly
things like GHashTable, dynamic memory allocation during lots of string
manipulation, GOption support to do what libpopt would otherwise do and
easy handling of spawning processes like apt-get with long, long, long
strings of options. libglib2.0-0 is 1.4Mb installed in Grip - I hope
that is a price worth paying. Each configured locale generally brings
in between 4Mb and 9Mb.

v0.0.6 is now in SVN which brings up an interesting question:

Should langupdate be uploaded to Debian experimental?

That would give simple (albeit delayed) access to prebuilt binaries to
be processed by Emdebian Grip (some extra scripting will be required to
get the packages from experimental which does not normally happen).

The downside is that langupdate cannot do anything useful in Debian
itself - until at least after the release of Squeeze.

The alternative is cross-building langupdate for all supported Grip

One remaining issue is that the TDebs themselves are in a bit of a
state in the repository and so my next task is to finish porting
em_autogrip to perl from shell and getting the cron job restarted to
maintain the Grip repository automatically.

A bit more code is also needed in langupdate - to try to reliably
identify the suite in use on the main system, probably by parsing the
sources lists. There is a --suite option to do that manually in 0.0.6.


Neil Williams

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