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Re: Root file system

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:25:15 +0100
Hardouin SIMONNOT <hsimonnot@free.fr> wrote:

> I found the command on this page :
> http://www.emdebian.org/docs/howto-3.html

I think you've misread that page - this is the section about machine
variants. I'll try to clarify that section of the page.
> I will try to follow your suggestions about emsandbox. But I am a
> little bit disappointed because there are no documents available that
> clearly explains the steps to create a sample board system.

That is because there are no predictable steps to create a sample board
system - everything (at this time) needs to be customised.

If you have ideas on how to improve the manpage, please file a wishlist
bug against emdebian-rootfs. Patches please, not just lists of problems.


> We must
> look around and try to understand what to do from the description of
> different emdebian tools. I realy feel lost.

Sadly, Emdebian is just not at that stage, yet. Lots of other bugs need
to be fixed before the process can be made simple or predictable.

> If I finish to create a system after a miracle and many days of work,

(it will be a shorter time than I took to create a system for my own
development board - that took many months of work)

> I would make a step by step Howto for future emdebian users because
> of this lack of documentation easily accessible is really daunting
> for newcomers.

I fully understand but that is the nature of things in Emdebian right
now - things are in development and lots of problems still need fixing.

Step-by-step guides will have to wait, I'm afraid, mainly because the
steps have not been fully identified and the steps that are used keep on

Currently, my method will be:

1. Keep the ARM autobuilder working for Emdebian Crush so that we can
make a release of cross-built packages at the same version and using
the same codebase as Debian 5.0 "Lenny" when that is finally released.

2. Develop code for TDebs that underly future deployments of Emdebian
fixes across Debian.

3. Develop code for Emdebian Grip to make it easier to identify and fix
the problems of maintaining a mixed archive of Emdebian Grip, Emdebian
TDebs and Emdebian Crush in sync with Debian, yet without being able to
use the actual Debian systems.

4. Extend Emdebian Crush to a lot more architectures - armel is first,
i386, mips and mipsel will follow.

(The numbers are not sequential - but the elements are inter-linked
and parts of the early items need to be fixed before the full fix can
be made to realise later items.)

Emdebian Grip will be the easiest to manage - it is inherently easier
to fold Grip into the normal Debian tools like debootstrap, Debian
Live, Debian Installer etc.

Emdebian Crush is quite different and it will take quite a lot of time
to get Crush into an "easy-to-use" format. To be brutally honest, I
cannot see that Crush will reach that stage until *AFTER* the release
of Debian Squeeze (the release after the current, Lenny). There are a
huge number of changes that I need to get into Debian before that can


Neil Williams

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