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Emsandbox in arm board

hi all,
        We are working to include a datacard support in our arm board which has been succeeded by debian chroot filesystem.But when we look at the size of the filesystem its seems to be overflow our flash.So, we are trying to reduce our filesystem with the packages needed for datacard and the minimal base filesystem.But after all our search we come here for emdebian filesystem.
After finish all the study i installed emdebian-tools in my debian host (which is a chroot debian in ubuntu system as i come across it will support in that only in one of your doc), then ran emsetup to update the source.list and emchain ended with some error in binutils for armel ( then i concluded that armel support is still not in emdebian).so, i just want to creat a minimal base filesystem for arm with help of emsandbox, i still in the vague whether going in the right direction. But when i try to run the ./emsanbox in target its giving me some error

1# ./emsecondstage
./emsecondstage: line 97:  1676 Illegal instruction     chroot $TARGET mount proc -t proc /proc
Setting approximate time of 111607522008
./emsecondstage: line 97:  1678 Illegal instruction     chroot $TARGET date -s $TIME
Running ldconfig in /home/emdebian ...
./emsecondstage: line 97:  1679 Segmentation fault      chroot $TARGET /sbin/ldconfig

Please Direct me in a right direction to create a minimal root filesystem to support the datacard application

Best regards,

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