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Re: Root file system

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:39:46 +0100
Hardouin SIMONNOT <hsimonnot@free.fr> wrote:

> Hello !
> I am a french beginner in emdebian. I have sent the command
> "emsandbox 
> --create --machine baloon --arch arm" to build a rootfs file system
> for an arm board. I would like to know where does the file system
> have been saved on my hard disk.
> Thank you for your help,

1. emsandbox needs to be run as sudo
2. unless your machine is called 'baloon' [sic] and you have configured
a packages.conf file for that machine, emsandbox would have given an
3. Where did you find this command line?
4. What was the final output of emsandbox - it is usually quite verbose
and does declare where the file has been created, just at the end of
the output.
5. emsandbox uses the working directory configured for emdebian-tools -
see /etc/emsource.conf and/or /etc/emsandbox.conf
6. Make sure you are using the latest emdebian-tools/emdebian-rootfs
package - 1.4.12. Do 'apt-get update' followed by 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
to get the latest versions.

e.g. in my configuration, the root filesystem created by emsandbox (for
the --machine balloon (not baloon)) would be
in /opt/emdebian/emdebianstage1.tgz but the filename is fully
configurable in the packages.conf file for each machine.

You need to provide a lot more information to resolve your enquiry.


Neil Williams

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