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Re: Root file system

Thank you Neil.

I found the command on this page :

I will try to follow your suggestions about emsandbox. But I am a little bit disappointed because there are no documents available that clearly explains the steps to create a sample board system. We must look around and try to understand what to do from the description of different emdebian tools. I realy feel lost.

If I finish to create a system after a miracle and many days of work, I would make a step by step Howto for future emdebian users because of this lack of documentation easily accessible is really daunting for newcomers.


Neil Williams a écrit :
On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:39:46 +0100
Hardouin SIMONNOT <hsimonnot@free.fr> wrote:

Hello !

I am a french beginner in emdebian. I have sent the command
"emsandbox --create --machine baloon --arch arm" to build a rootfs file system
for an arm board. I would like to know where does the file system
have been saved on my hard disk.

Thank you for your help,

1. emsandbox needs to be run as sudo
2. unless your machine is called 'baloon' [sic] and you have configured
a packages.conf file for that machine, emsandbox would have given an
3. Where did you find this command line?
4. What was the final output of emsandbox - it is usually quite verbose
and does declare where the file has been created, just at the end of
the output.
5. emsandbox uses the working directory configured for emdebian-tools -
see /etc/emsource.conf and/or /etc/emsandbox.conf
6. Make sure you are using the latest emdebian-tools/emdebian-rootfs
package - 1.4.12. Do 'apt-get update' followed by 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
to get the latest versions.

e.g. in my configuration, the root filesystem created by emsandbox (for
the --machine balloon (not baloon)) would be
in /opt/emdebian/emdebianstage1.tgz but the filename is fully
configurable in the packages.conf file for each machine.

You need to provide a lot more information to resolve your enquiry.

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