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Re: Root file system

Hardouin SIMONNOT wrote:
> Thank you Neil.
> I found the command on this page :
> http://www.emdebian.org/docs/howto-3.html
> I will try to follow your suggestions about emsandbox. But I am a little
> bit disappointed because there are no documents available that clearly
> explains the steps to create a sample board system. We must look around
> and try to understand what to do from the description of different
> emdebian tools. I realy feel lost.
> If I finish to create a system after a miracle and many days of work, I
> would make a step by step Howto for future emdebian users because of
> this lack of documentation easily accessible is really daunting for
> newcomers.

In Neil's defense, the problem he's trying to solve is challenging, to
say the least.  The tools he is developing are still pretty volatile,
as are the procedures for using them.  This stuff isn't currently
suitable for the faint-at-heart.

At this point, if you want to use emdebian then your best investment
is in learning the foundations behind what the system is doing.  With
that, the role of each tool becomes easier to understand.

In time, emdebian CAN become as easy to use as an ordinary Debian
system.  Well, almost--- embedded systems by their nature can be more
challenging to deal with during the development effort.  I think we're
really close to turning that corner, but not quite yet.

There's no arguing the point that everyone would love a cookbook HOWTO
for emdebian, and I'd love for you, Hardouin, to jot down and post
your notes as you go along--- that would be a HUGE contribution to the
effort! I have meant to do that myself many times, but just haven't
had the spare cycles for it.

But don't worry about making your publication too polished, for it
will need frequent updating.  At this point in emdebian's life cycle,
that's a good thing!

Bill Gatliff

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