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Re: who is working on i386

Neil Williams wrote:
> It should only be a matter of fixing the few arm-linux-gnu.cache files
> to contain any relevant changes for armel in a new
> armel.linux-gnueabi.cache file and then adding that to SVN.

Right, right, right.  That procedure does work, and you helped me go through it
on IRC a few weeks ago, in fact.  (Thanks!!)  I don't think I had SVN commit
privileges at that time, so the cache files are still languishing here on my PC
(I hope!).

Biggest roadblock was getting interrupted before I really got things
finished....  That, and I think there were one or two packages that I wanted
that weren't in SVN.  It's all a bit fuzzy at the moment...

Anyhoo, .... emdebian rocks!  :)

Bill Gatliff

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