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Re: Status of uClibc cross-toolchains and packages


On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 04:10:16PM +0000, Phil Endecott wrote:

> So ideally I'd have:

> - uClibc library packages for the ARM system, which can co-exist with
> the glibc packages that are already there.

> - a uClibc-ARM cross-compiler for my x86 development machine.  (Or some
> spell that will make my existing glibc-ARM cross-compiler work for uClibc.)

Both of these exist (to various degrees) at http://uclibc.debian.net/ .

I'm not sure the specific binary packages you need are built -- the
uclibc package there can be cross-built with the standard emdebian
cross compiler package, and the toolchain package is a simple wrapper
that can be easily rebuilt (also needs glibc based cross compiler

If you manage to compile all packages that you need against the uclibc
packages, removing glibc should be possible.


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