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Re: Status of uClibc cross-toolchains and packages

Both of these exist (to various degrees) at http://uclibc.debian.net/ .

I'm not sure the specific binary packages you need are built -- the
uclibc package there can be cross-built with the standard emdebian
cross compiler package, and the toolchain package is a simple wrapper
that can be easily rebuilt (also needs glibc based cross compiler

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  uclibc-toolchain: Depends: g++-4.1 (= 4.1.1-21) but 4.1.2-19 is to be installed
E: Broken packages

If you manage to compile all packages that you need against the uclibc
packages, removing glibc should be possible.

another related link:

You can also use free-electrons uclibc toolchains:

Ideally, I would like to have something like the slind packages available in Debian.



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