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Re: cross toolchains and etch toolchain sources

On 7/28/06, Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> wrote:
The instructions I saw still referred to patched source packages,
i.e., from the slind repository.  Is it now possible to do this from
the official source .debs?  If not, I don't think toolchain-source can
be dropped yet.
Bother to scroll down a little bit to the 'Install a toolchain from
sources' point. It describes how to build a toolchain from source
A practical excerpt:
1. Once you have apt-get sourced binutils (=2.17-1, it does not
require patching anymore, thanks to Wookey), issue
$ env TARGET=<arch> fakeroot debian/rules binary-cross
and you'll have cross-binutils package for <arch> architecture.

2. Get yourself binary packages with linux-kernel-headers and
libc6/libc6-dev for <arch> and install them via
$ dpkg-cross -a<arch> -i <package>

3. Once you have gcc-4.1 (=4.1.1-5), issue
$ env GCC_TARGET=<arch> dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot
and you'll have cross-compiler and related packages.

Everything refers to debian "etch" source packages, no side
modifications like slind or anything.

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