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Re: Reducing installed package size

Philippe De Swert wrote:

>Hi all,
>Recently playing with the localepurge package the following came up:
>Would it be a good idea to create similar packages that purge documentation,
>man pages, changelogs etc...?

wouldn't it make sense to do this as part of the package build. 

eg.  Note: this is pure speculation....

Use the debian source packages to build a repository of embedded debs -
lets call them edebs for lack of a better name.  The build process takes
the original debian package source and applies a number of patches to
make the package suitable for an embedded system - maybe even adding a
new helper to 'rules' - that is, something like dh_embeddedpurge    (or
something like that).

The emdebian community would have to manage the 'embedded patches' part
for each package - though most could be done automatically with a robust
enough dh_embeddedpurge helper.

Then you just build the package as normal.  This would work fine for
native compilable stuff and would need to be integrated with the
appropriate cross compilation tools.

The end result is a package.edeb that I can install on my target system
with no cruft in it.

If the 'framework' is good enough then there can either be a central
repo of binary packages (edebs) for popular archs or people will be able
to build their own packages from a single repo of source packages -
cross compiling to their target.

Thats similar to what I do now with openembedded except my packages are
.ipk and the source typically comes from upstream  :-) 


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