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Reducing installed package size

Hi all,

Recently playing with the localepurge package the following came up:

Would it be a good idea to create similar packages that purge documentation,
man pages, changelogs etc...?

This would basically mean we have a simple system to remove all of this after
install which gives us greater flexibility and removes the need to adapt the
Debian build system. Also it allows for re-use in normal Debian or maybe
Slind. It will definitely make it handier for people to have and maintain
small Debian installations. Not having to remove all the unnecessary bloat by
hand each time after an upgrade.

The proposal consists of two packages:

* doc purge : removes stuff from /usr/share/doc
* man purge : removes stuff /usr/share/man (localepurge already removes
localized ones, but it might be interesting to remove everything)

Any comments or ideas on this?



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