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For my system I have some specifications:
1.- Debian tools (dselect, apt ...) must be available inside the system, so I 
don't need a special way to update the system, just Debian
2.- It must be able to install a wide range of apps
3.- It must be small

If I want to use current Sid I have a problem: packages data files.

/var/lib/dpkg/available : 16Mb
/var/lib/dpkg/available-old : 16Mb
/var/cache/apt/*.bin : 13 Mb 
/var/lib/apt/list/* : 17 Mb
/var/lib/status : 1.7Mb
/var/lib/status-old : 1.7Mb

This is a loooooot of space. More than the space I'm using for real 

I can just delete all that files (except status files) and save the space or 
maybe there's a better approach. 
I've also thought of doing my own private and small Debian repository mirror. 
Too much traffic for my small server.

Jordi Polo

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