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Re: New dpkg-cross package.

+++ Peter Vandenabeele [05-11-10 03:16 +0100]:
> One specific thing that could be done and is a one time effort for
> this list is to write-up a few clear "call for action" papers (1 page
> each) that list tasks that could be taken up by new sets of students
> looking for a e.g. Masters thesis in electrical engineering/software.

You make a good point, which emphasises our need to write up the
current state of play in some way or other.

> I see advantages of using the well defined package strategy of
> Debian, compared to e.g. OpenEmbedded which has other advantages
> (e.g. smaller footprint).

Precisely - we are agreed on where our niche lies (which is more of an
acheivement than it seems - it has taken a while to work out where
we should fit in the scheme of things).

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