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Re: New dpkg-cross package.

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 09:52:44PM +0000, Wookey wrote:
> Anyone in a position to get company sponsorship for work on emdebian should
> get in touch as someone being able to dedicate some full-time work to it
> would help move things along significantly, I think.

We are currently not in that position. But the way we engaged with
Philippe at the time was to have Philippe execute his Masters thesis
with us, based on doing something to reuse all the Debian packaging
work in the embedded world and guided by our CTO, who is by now also
a Debian Developer. 

One specific thing that could be done and is a one time effort for
this list is to write-up a few clear "call for action" papers (1 page
each) that list tasks that could be taken up by new sets of students
looking for a e.g. Masters thesis in electrical engineering/software.

This would aid us (the companies) to easily spread these call for action
as a reply to numerous requests we do get for offering (essentially 
unpaid) thesis projects to students. If a number of local embedded 
software companies would post this on a section of their web site 
("student projects") and send it as easy default replies to requests
for thesis projects from universities and high-schools, they may 
well attract some Masters students on this.

So what I hereby offer is that if these documents are available and
we can agree with the project content, I would be willing to post them
on a "student projects" section of web site (to be done) and guide 
e.g. 1 (set of) student(s) per year on such a project if adequate
student(s) can be found.

I see advantages of using the well defined package strategy of
Debian, compared to e.g. OpenEmbedded which has other advantages
(e.g. smaller footprint).



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