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Re: New dpkg-cross package.

+++ Philippe De Swert [05-11-01 20:44 +0200]:
> Hello Geoff,
> On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 12:45 +1100, Geoff O'Callaghan wrote:>
> > Is there a roadmap of what is required to get embedded debian moving?  
> > I'm using openembedded at the moment and i'd like to contribute to
> > embedded debian, but I have no idea what the plan is?
> There has been some discussion about this on IRC but nothing has really
> been defined. (IRC activity also depends on the day. Sometimes it is
> really busy, other times it looks like nobody is listening)
> Anyway any input or thoughts should be welcome. There was some document
> that got written op during DebConf (which I unfortunately could not
> attend), but I cannot find it anywhere. 
> So Wookey ,or anybody else from the debconf crowd, could we get that on
> the website.

Sadly I haven't written it yet. I have started (this week), but then it
became clear that the server (buildd.emdebian.org) was still compromised so
we've got to fix that before we can make any progress. Allen Curtis and me
and Charles Stevenson are sorting that out, as time permits.

The short version of the plan is 'build a set of base debs', first for i386,
then other arches. You can use any tools you like. Some combination of
dpkg-cross, the stag tools and scratchbox seems best, but all of these need

There is still an open debate about how the emdebian metadata should be
stored. There are good arguments for the stag /emdebian dir or the udeb
notations. I think they just need testing out to work out what the problems

Anyone in a position to get company sponsorship for work on emdebian should
get in touch as someone being able to dedicate some full-time work to it
would help move things along significantly, I think.

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