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Re: Is this list alive?

+++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [04-12-24 12:22 +0300]:
> > Not quite. We have part of the infrastructure for building
> > cross-toolchains with Nikita's patches. Nikita, I realise these are
> > available on your server, but it would be good if we had them on
> > emdebian.org, along with our older stable cross-toolchains.
> I don't have anything against that.
> I may even move development to another host.
> The only thing I don't want is to spend much time for such a move :).
> Btw, I've started to use subversion for my cross-gcc activities. Currently
> it's a local repository in my home directory, but it may probably be moved
> somewhere.

OK. I'm just sorting out the directories and scriptage to get both the old
and new toolchains apt-able from emdebian.org.

I also have you cross-toolchain build scripts and files and patches there in
a build dir, but I started pdating the script so it would check for new
gcc releases and try updated builds before realising that this all gets
quite complicated (need to back off and keep the old version if new builds
fail - what do you do if some builds work and some don't) and failing to finish.

I'll mail you details on this later nikita.

> > I'd like Nikita to get more involved as he has
> > clearly become the debian-cross-toolchain man :-)
> What exactly do you mean?

> I'm currently more or less maintaining cross-gcc, cross-binutils and
> dpkg-cross. I'm going to continue these activities, and least in forseable
> future.

Exactly - and these are all important components of emdebian in that we want
an easyily aptable toolchain and tools. We have this stuff - it's mostly
just a matter of tidying things up a bit and updating the website to explain
what is available, how people install it, what is known to work and what
isn't etc. If you are happy to look after this bit of the emdebian project
so that your work is a bit more visible and accessible I think that would be

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