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Re: Is this list alive?

What server?

Our company donated the webserver, (www.emdebian.org or emdebian.onz.com) for hosting and community development. There is SSH access for any active developer. So far I have only added 2 people and I believe the only thing on the server is the website.

As for debain embedded, looks that nobody is currently interested in this
(at least no one interested enough to actualy do something). Or maybe
someone is doing something silently.

I am interested and I have some time. I am also trying to weigh the differences between Emdebian, ucLibc and all the other "embedded" Linux development efforts. The biggest obstacle to working on Emdebian is that I am not a Debian developer so there is a whole culture and development methodology that I would need to learn before making any contributions.

What are peoples opinions?

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