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Re: mutated platform support?

+++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [04-11-13 11:05 +0300]:
> > On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 19:13, Paul Jimenez wrote:
> >> How can I build a crosscompiler/toolchain with emdebian tools
> >> to support a mipsel processor with no floating point?  Once I've
> >> built the toolchain, how do I (re)build packages for said system
> Current our toolchain packages don't support targets with no floating point 
> (to be more specific, they support exactly same CPU targets for which 
> debian is available natively).

We do need to work out a way of widening the scope here. People often have
good reasons for targetting slightly different flavours of system. 

However we shouldn't need loads of different compiler versions. Nearly all
these options can be controlled on the gcc command line, so all that should
be necessary is supporting --softfloat in our cross-compilers. That should
work already....

I think the correct approach is to build a small set of cross-compilers but
each one should still generate correct code for a range of targets (e.g
 -mtune xscale, -march arm3, --softfloat etc for arm). I know that our
compilers currently have trouble with kernel and bootloader code with a
strongarm cpu target (it compiles but it doesn't work right) and working to
find out why is something I'll get round to spending some time on one day
(if it hasn't got fixed in the last few months anyway).

Does anyone know of good reasons why this approach won't work?

Some options (like softfloat on arm) require you to make sure everything is
compiled the same way, but that's not a big deal for emdebian or for
individual target projects.

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